Friday, December 6, 2013


Who has more territory in the following diagram? 

If you said white, pat yourself on your back, the answer is White: 136, Black: 121.

Obviously it's an impossible situation as white has more stones laid out than black, but it's purpose is to illustrate the following: White moves along the 3rd line, which is the limit that keeps the balance between influence and territory. Below the 3rd line favours influence territory, and above it favours territory influence. That's why the 4th line is called the line of victory and the 2nd line is the line of defeat.
See here for more details.


  1. Wait.. I think you have that backward. Below the 3rd line favors territory while above it (i.e. 4th line) is influence.

    And to help clear a concept up, the 4th line is considered the line of victory because the territory you get in return is much larger than what you would normally be able to get in the center (aka ~3 points per stone).

    3rd line territory (as you illustrated in your picture) is the balanced line and illustrates you can get on average about 2 points per stone and be happy.

    With 2nd line territory, you only get about 1 point per stone which is too low to ever win with (hence line of defeat).

    1. You're right, I put it the other way around. The post is updated now.

      I like the way you think in terms of points per stone, thanks for the tip!