Tuesday, December 3, 2013


After 4 months of playing, I dared to play my first 19x19 online game on KGS. It wasn't a good start, as expected, but at least I learned something that I would never forget: the bamboo joint, which I should have played on move 38.

Bamboo joint
Now I notice that I seemed to like starting my games in the 3-5 point mokuhazushi!

When the game finished, two folks entered the "room" and went through the whole game. The review lasted about 2 hours! It was a pleasant surprise. Thank you folks!

Here is the game, I'm playing white:

Download kifu


  1. Friendly players helping to review games is certainly what makes the go community thrive. I think it's really interesting that you are fond of the 3-5 point since it's rather rare amongst players. It just goes to show your creativity and willingness to explore the unknown. Ganbatte!

    1. Gambatte is Japanese for something like "keep trying to do your best" or "don't give up."

      I didn't know this word, I like it!