Monday, December 9, 2013

Game review

This 2 stone handicap game was played about a month ago on IGS. I was ranked 16k+ playing black against a 14k+.

I felt quite confident the whole game, and I was pretty much ahead until the endgame, when my excessive confidence, pride, and greediness, took over me. From move 276 onwards, I kept making silly endgame moves without taking into account that my groups where loosing liberties. I almost laughed at my opponents pretensions of killing my group, ignoring his threat to the limit until I couldn't handle it. Don't be a hot shot, less if your opponent is stronger. I was ahead but put everything at risk because I didn't want to give away a single point. You only need half a point to win at Go, anything above that is superfluous. I'm not saying that you should give away the points you don't need, what I'm saying is that you shouldn't put groups at risk to gain unnecessary points. Just play calm and conservative, let your opponent take the risks. This is where greed knocks at the door. I was being a hot shot against a stronger player, and he certainly game me a lesson. I felt so bad for losing this game, it hurt so much, that I promised myself not to be so fool again. Fortunately, loosing hard like this can bring great benefits, and I'm pretty sure it did, as it heavily influenced my future games.

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  1. Yeah. Losing to an opponent due to overconfidence and greed is a hard pill to swallow. Just the other day I lost to a 6k because I thought I was doing so well and ended up letting him reverse the game completely in his favor. Sigh. But like you said, these kin of losses can bring great benefits if we pick ourselves back up and move forward. =)