Sunday, February 9, 2014


Look at the following game position taken from a 2 handicap game in which I played as white, and try to determine who is winning. If you were playing Black, would you resign at this point?

Definitely not! Black is ahead by more than 30 points. Nevertheless, my opponent resigned after I cut his triangle marked group, which is now practically dead. Maybe he didn't realize that my square marked dragon is dead, or perhaps he was led by the anger of being cut immediately after missing the opportunity to kill my circle marked group in the lower right.

Calculating the score is a difficult task, specially for beginners. This example is another proof that we should not resign early in the game, unless it's really obvious.

You can download the kifu here.

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  1. Well said. Another thing about beginners is that they tend to resign when they lose a decently large group as well. It's something everyone eventually has to acclimate to. =)