Wednesday, February 26, 2014

IGS Blacklisting

If you were wondering how to blacklist somebody on IGS, this is how: (and yes, it deserves a post since I find it a bit contrived, and discovered it by accident, not when I searched for it).

First click on Member search.

Once you're on the member's page, click on Register in refusals.

The Refuse option (in the first image) show's all the people in your blacklist.

I don't like players who run away by disconnecting from the server when they're loosing, so I add them to this list to avoid playing with them again.

A similar method applies if you wish to add to your favorites list, or request friendship.

1 comment:

  1. IGS is so convoluted when it comes to this aspect. And don't get me started on finding your own games, that should be built into the client if you ask me. Rookie mistake.