Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hikaru no Go manga

Yay! My nephew came back from the US and brought me the first three volumes of the manga series Hikaru no Go.

Even though I watched the TV episodes, I still find the read very entertaining, and it pushes my desire to play even further. Additionally, I can study the go diagrams in detail, it's astonishing the hard work the authors put into this.
Unfortunately it will take a long time until I complete all 23 volumes, since it's very expensive to get them all the way to Argentina. I know there is a digital version available, but I like the real thing.


  1. Nothing beats the real thing. And not to mention, the manga goes a full arc past the actual anime. So hopefully you'll get to read them all eventually!

    1. Let's hope so! Every time a friend comes from the US, they bring me 2 or 3 volumes. I reached volume 11, almost half of them!