Sunday, January 5, 2014


Over at Senseis Library is a page full of interesting mottos. Below are the ones I liked most:

"Timidity, foolhardiness, jealousy, inconstancy, impatience.... just as in day to day life, in Go too, these emotions drive the course of encounters between players. Their relative
strengths are insignificant, in comparison." 

"Whether you win a game or lose it is a matter of fate at the time. What really counts is whether or not you played good moves."
"Amateurs' go comes from pleasure, professionals' go comes from suffering."
"You see - I strongly believe that Go is a game of balance, that there are no best moves in the absolute sense, and that for every move you make you incur a certain loss which together with the gain this move brings constitutes the value of the move. In other words - no matter how good your move, it cannot simultaneously do everything you would like to do at the same time, and so certain goals must be sacrificed in order to reach other goals. To be aware of those little sacrifices is, to me, a sign of understanding of the game and maturity of a person as a player. To be able to choose which goals are worth sacrificing is a sign of playing strength." 
Dieter quoting Bantari

"Tactics is knowing what to do when there's something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there's nothing to do."
Savielly Tartakover

"Go is all that matters. Well, there are other things in life, but they are gote and worth less than 10 points."

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  1. What a great list... My favorite would have to be Takeo's view on playing good moves regardless of what the fates have decreed. So much wisdom....