Sunday, January 5, 2014

Game review

In an earlier post I said that beginners should not resign. The following game is a proof of that statement. By move 60 I was about to resign, but since I'm a beginner playing against another beginner, it's expected that mistakes not only occur at the beginning of the game, but throughout the whole game. It's also important to practice all different aspects of the game: fuseki, middle game, endgame, life & death, etc., even when at disadvantage.

There is almost nothing I am to be proud of in this game, on the contrary, I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when playing my awful moves. Anyhow, the capturing race that took place was quite interesting, and demanded a lot of thought, if only I had used a bit of thought at the beginning, things wouldn't have gotten so hard.

I personally feel more challenged when things get rough, specially at the beginning. And when the game is lost, I grab the opportunity to play more relaxed and try new things out, after all, there is nothing to loose.

This game was my last 2013 game, and I remember it specially because I started 2014 in a very bad way on personal matters, but I know that it will end up great. Hope is the last thing to loose.

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  1. You are absolutely correct in that beginners should not resign. And this is for multiple reasons. (1) As a beginner, your ability to accurately know who's ahead and behind is practically nil. (2) As you showed, people make mistakes and all it takes is one and the whole game reverses to your favor.

    Great job turning the game around in your favor!