Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kageyama - Take 2

This is the continuation of my previous post on Toshiro Kageyama's book 'Lessons in the fundamentals of Go'.

Golden rules:
  • "Do not approach enemy thickness." page 98.
  • "Don't use thickness to surround territory." page 98.
  • "The enemy's key point is your own." page 169.

"Irresolution is a vice." 
page 19.

 "The most important thing to learn from professionals is not where they play but why they play there." 
page 99.

"Black 1 and 3 are wrong. Do they look natural to you? Then you will
have to reverse your thought processes 180 degrees if you ever want to
play correctly."
page 107.
"In this type of position White cannot afford to let Black approach at
'a'. If it is his turn he has to make the two-space extension to 1.
This is common sense. The player who would not extend to 1 does not exist.
page 109.
"Anyone who leads an abandoned and dissipated life because the end of
the world is near is going to experience his own personal destruction
first. Desperation and despair are to be feared most of all.
To kill or let live. I would like to see this disturbing question confined to the stones on the go board."
page 118.

If anyone is so insensitive as to ignore this difference and play 1
and 3, I am past the point of anger. All I can do is burst out
page 145.
"I was filled with sadness at the inability of amateurs to focus their
power in the right direction. I began to realize why the brute-force
school of 'gangster go' prospers so. Those who cannot find the correct
move in not-so-difficult positions like this deserve to be roughed up
a bit. Amateur go seems to be a world where reason retreats in the face of unreason."

page 148.

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  1. Ah Kageyama. His style of writing is seriously infectious. Absolutely love it.