Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Equipment

A few weeks ago, I finally made the decision and gifted myself a fine set of go bowls and a 2.4" shin kaya single piece go board. REALLY beautiful!

Although I expected to hear a harder CLAC when placing a stone, it felt quite soft... but hey, it's probably me not placing the stones properly!

Additionally, I bought a sample pack of slate and shell stones, to be able to compare them with the ones I already had. I must admit that the slate stones deceived me a bit, or maybe it's the glass stones I already have that are so beautiful, that they don't make a difference with the slate ones. In fact, I didn't toss them in the bowl with the rest fearing I couldn't tell them apart.

I don't think paying a lot more for these stones is really worth the money. Although if the shell stones were sold apart from the slate stones, then I would think of buying shell stones.

I bought them at GoGameGuru, and guess what, I paid with bitcoins! I was having trouble paying with my Visa credit card for some unknown reason. To my surprise, they accepted bitcoins so now I have two reasons to celebrate: my new go equipment and my first purchase with bitcoins.

Clic here for a great review of the bowls.


  1. Your equipment looks incredible! I still can remember the first time I got my board and stones. It's always so exciting!

    My only thing to the slate and shell from GoGameGuru is that they are from Mexico if I'm not mistaken. As someone who has Japanese slate and shell stones, there is a bit of difference in terms of aesthetic quality and beauty. But if you love your glass stones, I wouldn't be in a rush to get slate and shell stones.

    Very cool that you were able to pay with bitcoins! Definitely very progressive on GoGameGuru's part!

    1. hmm...from Mexico huh...that's good to know. Thanks.