Sunday, July 27, 2014

Game review

The following correspondence game was one of the most intense games I've played. Probably because my opponent was a friend of mine, whom I used to play quite frequently, but haven't done so in a couple of months. He started playing with me about a year and a half ago, so a nice competitive rivalry has taken place. Even though I believe he has long surpassed my level, I felt quite happy of making the game a game worth enjoying. In fact, I never had so much fun while losing so badly at the same time! Notice that the game took only 4 days, although almost all moves took place on one night. I was so focused and expectant for his next move that it was like playing a live game. Unfortunately my little daughter was quite upset with me that night for not paying her a deserved attention.

 The game was unrated because my friend is not a frequent DGS player, so his ranking is unreal. He is actually 5kyu in KGS.

Below is the game. I haven't made an exhaustive analysis. Remember you can follow the variations by clicking on the letters that appear on the board.


  1. Very interesting game! Though you lost, I thought you played some really interesting moves. And let's not forget to mention that your analysis seems to be pretty solid! You picked up on things like whether a sequence was actually better for black/white. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Ben! Your words are very encouraging :D