Saturday, March 1, 2014

Game review

In the following game, a few funny (sad) things happened. First, I had managed to disconnect a big group with no room for eyes, and kept on playing happily without noticing I was in the middle of a capture race, while thinking I was reducing my opponents remaining territory, I was removing my own liberties! By the time I realized it was late, my huge group was dead and the chances of winning were reaching zero. To make matters worse, I made a silly mistake putting my own group in atari, but my opponent didn't notice so I immediately went and fixed it, but allowed him to enter my territory and perform a huge reduction.

I was led by my anger and answered almost without thinking (and thus made a mistake of course) letting him get even more territory.

Afterwards I thought that if he hadn't noticed my previous mistake, I should have fixed it later, in the chance that maybe he didn't see it. After all the loss was almost the same. This mistake made me lose the game.

By the end, an interesting battle took place, after an invasion. I managed to kill the invading stones but I have the feeling that I complicated it too much.

 Checkout the game, I'm playing black.

 Oh, and by the way, now I'm using WGo.js for the SGF player as it's much nicer than maxiGos, isn't it? If you want to see a variation, click on the letters that appear in uppercase.


  1. WGo.js is very nice! I wish it were responsive though. That's my only concern when it comes to SGF readers since sometimes people access my blog through their phones.

    1. What problems have you encountered? I works very well on my android phone, much better than maxigos or eidogo!